Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tooth fairy is coming tonight!!!

T arrived in to me today all excited as he had bitten in to an apple and he felt what he thought was a pip in his mouth but when he checked it was his first tooth!!!!! It was wobbling for the last few days and one had started to grow up behind it.Oh my BIG BOY. He was so delighted. His sister was crying because all she saw was the blood. I grabbed the camera and got a few pics so can't wait to get cracking on a L.O. Might get one done this weekend in Dublin while I am up for the Mid Summer Scrapaganza. Can't wait.
Must dash - we all have to be asleep in our beds early so the tooth fairy won't be afraid to come in!!!


Kate said...

Aah can't wait to see your LO. Isn't it gas when things like that happen and the first thing you want to do is get the camera!!LOL
Hope you have a great time in Dublin!!

Neasa said...

Did she come? Were ye asleep in time? Can't wait for the L.O's!