Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1 week to go!!!

Only a week to go until the big man comes to our house. I think the kids will make themselves sick with excitement!!A crazy week this week with Anna's injections in School :-( , Emily's check up, 2 school concerts, ballet performance and Tae Kwon Do grading not to mention my cousins wedding on Saturday, a birthday party on Sunday and preparations for Emily's Christening next week.Roll on January :-)
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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Can't believe I haven't done a layout of any kind for soooo long! Not even of the newest arrival. Life seems to be one big circus at the moment and the papercrafting side has taken a major hit. Sorry to say I haven't even made my own Christmas cards this year BUT T&A did drawings in school which were incorporated into School Cards so there will be some family creativity going out there!!! The Christmas decorations will be making an appearance this weekend. The kids are beside themselves. Santa arrived here today in Cobh off a boat down at the pier!!!We have the baba's Chrsitening over Christmas too so really looking forward to the whole season. Hopefully 2009 will see me back in the swing of things and making things again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


She has arrived - 10 days early!!! Born on 19th September at 6.25pm weighing 7lbs 5oz. We are all thrilled and Anna can't contain her excitement at being a BIG SISTER. She is a real little dolly and we had to buy new babygros for her as all Anna's stuff is too big for her! She has been a super star since she came home sleeping feeding sleeping feeding........

5 now in the family and we are loving it. Tom says we are really like the Simpsons now.Does that mean I have to dye my hair blue like Marge?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Big slaps all around. Bad bad blogger! Have been making stuff and photographing. Just have to upload from the camera............Enjoying the rainy summer- not! On the countdown for the smallie to arrive.About 7 weeks to go and feeling every bit of it. Nursery all ready and bag packed... in case. Everything ready for school for T&A. I can't believe they are back so soon.
Have to get cracking - 3 orders of 260 cards waiting to be done........................................

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tooth fairy is coming tonight!!!

T arrived in to me today all excited as he had bitten in to an apple and he felt what he thought was a pip in his mouth but when he checked it was his first tooth!!!!! It was wobbling for the last few days and one had started to grow up behind it.Oh my BIG BOY. He was so delighted. His sister was crying because all she saw was the blood. I grabbed the camera and got a few pics so can't wait to get cracking on a L.O. Might get one done this weekend in Dublin while I am up for the Mid Summer Scrapaganza. Can't wait.
Must dash - we all have to be asleep in our beds early so the tooth fairy won't be afraid to come in!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy Month of May.

So much happened last month this post will be long. Naturally I should have updated all along but ...... !!!!!! First baby Fionn was born on his due date- huge congrats to Breda and Dave.He's the image of his Dad - what's new in the world of new babies - poor Mums don't get a look in! Then my wonderful friend Cathy and Paul got married in beautiful Ballintubber Abbey in Mayo. What a romantic place. We all had a fab weekend up there. Then we had that amazing match Munster v Toulouse. Hubby took off on Friday morning with his friend and flew Cork - Belfast. That evening they flew Belfast - Manchester and stayed with his parents. On Saturday they took a train to Cardiff and celebrated with the rest of the victorious supporters. They took a train to Swansea and stayed the night there and got on the train again next day back to Cardiff to get bus to Fishguard and the overnight ferry to Rosslare. Luckily they met a neighbour of ours on board to get a spin in a car from Rosslare to Cork instead of the bus.Phew- what a weekend. Even crazier for me as you can imagine with my 2 monkeys and no helping hands!!!!! Don't worry.My retaliation is planned as I am heading to the Midsummer Megascrap in Dublin on the 21st June organised by Lainey and Annamarie.So we had to think of lots of activities to keep T& A busy for the few days while Daddy was away. Anna baked cookies and loved decorating them with pink of course.............but she wasn't so keen on the washing up part which I kept telling her was the most important part of baking ( God i sound like my mother!!!)

Here's a few cards I squeezed in-

The weather was so fab recently so Anna managed to crack the art of hopscotch with her buddy Sarah and
Tom managed to learn to ride his bike without stabilisers!!!!Hooray!!
He went on his school tour to Fota Wildlife Park(which is actually only 5 mins from where we live) and the highlight of the tour was the full pack of fruit pastilles I put in for his treat. God love us!!
Here's hoping the weather holds out in June as they love being outside with all the friends and are exhausted in the evenings giving me early nights to get crafting.
24 weeks now so only 16 to go to the new arrival - time is FLYING by.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A little help from my "but I'm nearly 4" year old !!

I keep saying when I have a load of cards to do especially repeats,that I need a production line to get through them.Anna stepped in today and helped with foam pads ,glue and even paper in the cuttlebug folders through the Big Shot! She didn't lick it off the ground you know!!! I wonder will I have her beside me at crops in years to come - taking all my stash and rummaging through my purse to buy more??!!
Did you take a peek at Scrapwest last week? Here's my LO for last week- material based.

I was at Caroline's crop last Sunday and had a lovely peaceful productive day. I bought the stamp above and am delighted with how it turned out. There are so many ways in which you could use it- cut out pots, colour in, mount on matching colour card, emboss the flowers- or for a quickie card like above stick on flowers, brads buttons.... I love this stamp!

Here's a few more I got finished after a burst of creativity!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Works in progress...

We think the PC is OK now!!! Still have to get the photos sorted but have managed to upload a few. All well on the crafting front. Just trying to find time to myself to get stuff done!Thankfully one of Carolines wonderful crops is on this Sunday in Cork so some crafting time for meeeee!!
Don't forget to pop into SCRAPWEST tomorrow evening - it's my week!!! and I'm doing something which tries not to use paper !!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I should be shot....

It's so long since I blogged. Firstly my home PC became infected with dreadful viruses and my husband blamed me with all my surfing of crafty sites etc etc.Secondly I deserve a major ranting to as I have NEVER downloaded any of my photos over the last 6 years off the computer so they are hopefully still there while I get something to download them. DH's friend is trying to fix the PC so the upshot is I haven't been able to upload pics to the home pc which has all the soft ware blah blah so no updating with all my creations!! Luckily I have the lap top to surf.
And then we discovered we are expecting number 3 in this house in September so there has been fierce excitement for the last few months. We are thrilled. While I can see more scrapping opportunities opening up I wonder will I have the time!!! Hope to have a few pics when all the techy issues are sorted out.xx

Monday, February 25, 2008

A rainy day update!

It's LASHING rain outside here today so the only thing is to get on with the housework or else get out the craft bits and get busy!!! In case you didn't see SCRAPWEST last Friday I did a class and the Layout is above. All the instructions are on the Scrapwest blog . I bet you'll enjoy the hammering! I really like the effect of punching the holes and layering the cardstock.
I spent another wonderful day in the company of the Munster gals at Caroline's Crop where we made the most delicious EXPLOSION BOX. I never made one of these before as I always thought they looked so complicated but Caroline took all the fear out of it and i will defo be doing one again. I will fill this one for my MIL with pics of the kids for Mother's Day.

I managed to get 1 layout and 2 cards made in the rest of the time I was there!!!!! Far too much yapping with Jean,Junie, Noreen and Stacey but learned loads and can't wait to get my hands on the new Cuttlebug folders from Jeanjeany. Take a look there if you dare!!!!

Just managed to delete the two cards I did (grrrr) and if I re insert it will put them to the top of my post and mess up EVERYTHING so until the next time..........................Adios!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mum can we get a dog????

I've been tagged!!“You Make My Day Award” I have been tagged by Jackie, Jeanjeany and Noelle for this ( Thanks Girls ), and the rules are…..Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!So, to narrow it down to ten….I tag just 3 ...Lainey,Tigger and Caroline!
Talking of Caroline what a wonderful day I had last Sunday at her Cork crop. I had a really productive day and the LO above is the one we did in Caroline's class. A super LO for storing a series of photos under the layers at the top. Shared hints and tips for the Cricut with Jean and had great craic with all the girls. It is so refreshing to have a full day to crop and chat without real life taking over.

Here's a few of the cards I have been making recently.I still love Lola Rose as you can see!

This is where the "can we get a dog" saga starts!!! Isn't she soooo cute......


She has been asking me this ever since she could speak!!! I have always turned her down listing the usual - poops to be cleaned up,walks to be done,Doggy needs company and Mummy has to work some days etc etc.Reality doesn't sink in until it is experienced!! Last week my Mum got a Guide dog puppy for the disabled to mind for a few weeks until a home is found for her to be trained in(Mum did this before ). Anna was so excited about the 8 week old puppy. Her name is ASHA.

So - having spent a few days in her company - been jumped on,toys snatched,biscuits swiped,tights paw marked, her Gran otherwise engaged with another to shower her affection on!!!! - she has decided she doesn't want a dog - Halleliuiah!!!!